Dinky and Jeanne Wass of "Eye on the Common" wrote to say:

"Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for being so patient with us and guiding us beyond your remit. We are grateful for all your support and assistance as we set up our new business. Eyes on the Common is more than 3 months old now and Opticabase has made all aspects of operating an optical practice easier. I am still learning the many benefits of the system that only an optometrist with in depth knowledge of the field could provide within the software. Most importantly I feel confident that you are only a call away. The Opticabase team are all totally professional.

Thank you too for introducing us to Crawford Accountants and in aiding us during the procuring of necessary supplies.

How you remain so cool, calm and collected with a family, two practices and an IT company is unfathomable.

Thank God we met at Optrafair, I had previously used other systems and am delighted that we opted for Opticabase."

Colum Rooney of C. Rooney Opticians in Northern Ireland: “I am an independent optometrist with over twenty years experience in the world of optics. I find the philosophy of Occam’s razor a great guidance, meaning, the simplest solution to a problem is normally the best, so when I have a computer problem, Michael makes it go away, leaving me to worry about the patient. I have found Michael to be courteous and knowledgeable with both attributes seemingly a natural ability to him. I am relatively au fait with computer and technology but Michael is able solve all of my problems with such ease it is easily comparable to my knowledge now and when I was a pre-reg.

I try and surround myself with people who are obviously better than me in their particular field of expertise, Michael fits this criteria with aplomb and when a fellow optometrist recently asked me about computer systems for a new practice I had no hesitation in recommending Opticabase as the only computer system to install.”


Sharon Graham Optometrist gives everyone her advise: "I put off installing a computer system in my practice mainly because any I had checked out didn't tick all my boxes. I liked the idea that Opticabase has been designed by a practicing optician & am very pleased with my choice. Michael is at the end of the phone when needed & he was able to tweak his programme to suit the Northern Ireland BSO forms."
"I can comfortably recommend Opticabase to others & don't wait 24 years (as I did) before taking the plunge !!!!!!"


Greg Bailey BSc(Hons) MCOptom of Aspecs Opticians wrote to us saying "Several months ago we decided to change our practice software from well known industry wide package to Opticabase. I can honestly say this was a very positive move for our practice. Michael has been steadfast in his support during this transition. We changed, primarily, to find a simpler, more intuitive system and I have to say we have not been disappointed! The transition has been relatively painless and has also saved our practice a not insignificant amount of money."


Ian Leach, Director of EyeCare (Norfolk) Ltd : We have now had Opticabase for one year in our two practices. The transition from our old software to Opticabase was straight forward and successful. All done remotely. It is very good value and simple to use. The software can often be modified to suit your practice requirements along with the peripherals that you are likely to use. The support from Michael Prais could not be any better. I recommend Opticabase.


Mrs Paula Wilkins FBDO - Proprietor Conway Opticians Weston super Mare. "I opened my Opticians in June 2009, it is my first business. I took some time to choose which computer program to use as I trialled several without any success. 
I came across 'Opticabase' on line and it appealed to me for its user friendly set up. 
I received a CD from Michael Prais for the trial period, this allowed me to work with the system beforehand to see if it would meet with my requirements. 
I decided to purchase Opticabase, and found the price very competitive. 
I have not regretted my decision, Opticabase is first class. 
If there is any aspect of the program that I feel needs to be modified, I have found Michael Prais most approachable, extremely  helpful and supportive."
I willingly commend 'Opticabase'.


Update from Paula: My practice has been a dedicated Opticabase 'user' for the past 4 years and has recently had the program updated to the latest version. We have just established the new set up and have been thrilled with some of the new innovations adopted by Opticabase - too good not to use!
It has impressed my accountant with its exceptional banking and sales reports also allowing for stock and petty cash control.
Michael was able to add an extra function on the program the following day after my request.
There are so many individual features which facilitate smooth running of an optical business.
I would thoroughly recommend Opticabase to any optical practice, it can be tailored to suit and is a user friendly system.


Howard Harris McOptom,FBDO,CLdisp.: I have been using Opticabase for many years with excellent service and efficiency. I would recommend anyone updating their practice database software to install Opticabase.


Prab Boparai of Bushberry Eyecare: "I joined Opticabase when I opened my new practice in 2010. I met Michael at Optrafair and took home a trial pack. Since then I've not looked back. Opticabase is easy, comprehensible, logical and good value for money compared to many other systems out there. It has all you need plus a lot more I haven't even tried yet! Any hiccups and Michael's always there to help out. Opticabase is highly recommended."


Mark Houlford of Brock and Houlford Opticians emailed us saying, "Since we changed to Opticabase from a different software company our practice has run much more smoothly, more efficiently and life is a lot less stressful! Opticabase software does everything we need with a minimum of fuss and when we want to add a new function, Michael and his team are exceptionally helpful. We have greatly appreciated the facility to tailor the product to our practices. Opticabase is a product with which we are very happy."


Mashucul Mannan BSc Optom (Domiciliary Provider): "I remember the very first time when Michael showed me Opticabase and I was completely won over by its functionality, flexibility and simplicity. At the time Optrafair was only a few weeks away but I was so convinced this was the system for me that I felt it would be a complete waste of my time speaking to anybody else, not the least annoying sales reps!
Although it is great system out of the box I needed a few tweaks as my practice isn’t a retail set up. To date Michael has met every single one of my requests.
As you use the system you realize why you cannot put a value on the idea of an optometrist designing a software for an optician practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael and look forward to continue to do so in years to come. I cannot rate Opticabase any higher and thoroughly recommend it."


Rena Souten, Optometrist, Huddersfield is quoted saying "We have used Opticabase for 4 years or so. The transfer of data to Opticabase went very smoothly . We find Opticabase does exactly what we want and it’s been easy to train new staff to use it too. "
"Michael’s support is always fast, efficient and not too ‘techie’. I thoroughly recommend Opticabase."


Dipak Rana, Ophthalmic Optician along with Wendy New, Optical Assistant wrote "We at Denham Opticians have found Opticabase very easy to use and accessible for patients records. Our transition from paper recording to use this system was easy to understand. Michael's back up and technical support has been fantastic. We would highly recommend obticabase software to any other optical practice."


Suzanne Floyd - Independent Optometrist - Shropshire:
I would be happy to recommend Opticabase… As they say…. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
We ran the Reception-Recall package for many years and then upgraded to link a network of four computers running the Dispensing package. We are very, very happy with the system.
I really don’t know how he manages to run his practice and provide technical support, but Michael has been entirely available, kind and patient with our technical glitches and inadequacies.
Thank you, thank you.


Amanda Anderson BSc(Hons) MCOptom of Blink Opticians recommended us to a colleague and emailed us to say "I was very happy to recommend you - it's a great system and a fabulous service you provide"


Minaz Mamdani of Mamdani Opticians Wrote to us to say "Having used two of the market leading software companies where we had to accept what was installed with minimum flexibility. This software has been written by an Optometrist who works in and understands the needs of a modern practice.
The transfer to Opticabase was straightforward."


Rachel Addison (Optometrist & Practice Owner) Commented "I am very happy with the way Opticabase works in our practice. We have now had it for about 6 years- can it really be as long as that? - and it certainly makes our lives easier, and the forms more legible!
Many thanks for the immediate response to queries that you provide, and for the user friendly program you have provided.


Lesley; Lesley Cree Opticians, Radcliffe, Notts emailed us to say:
We set up a new start practice in August 2012 and after researching many different practice management systems, decided on Opticabase.
We have not been disappointed!
We chose the Reception Plus package with Diary and found it very cost effective and easy to use; meeting all our requirements more than adequately.
Most importantly Michael is brilliant!! He is always available and willing to answer our queries and sort
out any problems straight away. You could not get better customer service.
Thank you Michael - we are so pleased we chose your Opticabase system.


Nilesh Mehta wrote to us saying "We have been using the software for 5years +
Simple,easy to use,complete-and thats just the software
The service equals the best with the added personal touch
Could recommend the software without hesitation
A big thank you to Michael"


Gordon of Dinsmore Opticians: I would not hesitate to recommend Opticabase to anyone ! Its a great system and Michael's support is very good!
Way cheaper than some other systems and designed by an optometrist ! Not an IT person.


Alan from Shaw Eyecare: "I wanted to get Opticabase up and running on a new PC on a Sunday while the practice was not busy. Michael was at hand to get it all sorted within 5 minutes. Excellent service once again."


Inderpal Bansal (Optometric Partner) wrote "We have had Opticabase at our 4 practices in he West Midlands and have not been disappointed. You don't have to be IT specialist to have this: Michael sorts it all. Great back-up from Michael and team. Good value for money and also user friendly with NHS paper work."


Chris Gould, domiciliary optometrist, North Wales
Very good - simple and easy to use. Postcode search invaluable for planning visits.
Good back up. Highly recommend.


Charles from Framed Indulgence wrote to us saying that having looked at several systems, he opted for Opticabase to help with patient records and recall letters. From the moment contact was first made with Michael at Opticabase the process of installing the software to having the system up and running was within 24 hours, this included the transfer of patient details. The service and support from Michael has been outstanding, every call or e-mail is answered quickly and professionally. Charles would highly recommend Opticabase to any practice, it works perfectly and it is easy to use.


Ivana emailed us: “At Bushey Heath Opticians we find the Opticabase programme easy to use and very affordable. The transition from our old software to Opticabase one was quite painless, something we did not anticipate before going ahead with it. This is mostly down to Michael, who has shown an incredible amount of patience with not so technically minded individuals like us. The after sales service is second to none.”

Thanks a lot Michael for all your help. 


Martin Housden, Optometrist in Scotland, has been using the software for a couple of months. He says “The program is straight forward and easy to use. No problems getting it customised to suit our specific needs before buying it. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone needing patient management software.”


Mitesh Patel from Vision Visit is quoted saying "Opticabase is really easy to use and has all the tools I need to run my practice."


Mr Parmjit Singh Mund Optometrist and owner of In-House Mobile Opticians:  I would highly recommend Opticabase. It is simple to use, very affordable and is a god send when it comes to filling in the front and back of the GOS forms. Michael offers fantastic support. Every time I need to make a small change in the way it operates to suit my domiciliary business Michael is on hand to make the change via his remote login system which takes no time at all. Thanks once again Michael.


John Prouse of Loftus Optical and Home Visit Eyecare: Opticabase is a little gem to use and is quite simply fantastic! I spent many weeks deciding on what PMS to setup for my new businesses and was so thankful I discovered Opticabase. If you are looking for a PMS then stop looking, save yourself time and money and just go with this great system. The support you get is also very very good!


Daniel Bleetman FBDO is very happy with Opticabase. "I first started using Opticabase 3 years ago on the opening of our second practice. I was immediately impressed with its ease of use and we were up and running with a minimum of training needed. It is very logical and easy to use. We were so impressed with it that we have now transferred from one of the market leading Optical software companies to Opticabase in our first practice.
Unlike most of the competition this software has been written by an Optometrist who works in and understands the needs of a modern practice.
Originally we started off with the basic Opticabase package but recently upgraded to using the electronic diary and it works beautifully. No more pencil and rubber!
I am very happy to recommend Opticabase it has made a huge contribution to the smooth running of our pracitce"


Kush Mandavia of Eye Deal Opticians:Opticabase is a well thought out software package that provides solutions to an Independent Optical Practice. It has four key ingredients:

1) Competitively priced
2) Intuitive Design.
3) Adaptable for future needs.
4) Very thorough and efficient after sales service.

Whatever software you consider the above four points need to be addressed!
Mr K. Mandavia (Senior Optom) The Family Opticians


Sally, Gary, and David of the Eye Team in Manchester say “We love the programme. After a few expected technical difficulties (mostly our fault!), we don't know how we managed without your system. Even the Optician is getting to grips with using it! Everything is really well set out and inputting all our patient records didn't take as long as we thought. For our practice this programme has been just what we needed, many practice databases available are just too detailed and too complicated for a small practice.”


Ian Flower FBDO CL of the Portland Optical Group comments, “Opticabase is a very efficient and easy to use system that requires very little computer expertise but delivers help and time for all my staff throughout their day. Opticabase is appropriate, direct and above all useful. Setup installation, information and assistance have been willingly and patiently provided. As an independent Optician I am very pleased to recommend Opticabase and Michael Prais”


Alan Bruce of Dennies Spectacle Makers (Silver End) wrote: “Thank you Opticabase, we are a new small village independent practice offering quality spectacles at affordable prices. I recognised the need for practice software to ensure we deliver on all our promises. After looking at all the more expensive and complicated competitors software we decided to use Opticabase for the following reasons: (1) ease of use (2) practical and simple (3) it was written by an optician who uses it in his practice (4) cost .
We are so delighted with the software we are intending to install in our next practice once the contracts are signed with the current owner.
Once again thank you and very well done."


Sarah of Audley Mills Opticians is very happy with Opticabase. Here at Audley Mills we find the Opticabase system usually offers everything needed in the day to day running of our busy Practice, and if it doesn't Michael is always happy to "tweak" things for us!! I have found him to be helpful and patient, always able to adapt the programme to suit our requirements without any fuss.
The computer always says yes!!
The system is simplistic and labour saving. The benefits of having a program devised by an Optician are immense and I would have no hesitation in recommending Opticabase to any Practice.


Wendy Kay of VisualEyes Mobile Opticians, Inverness said "The installation and management of Opticabase has definitely been designed with 'ease of use' in mind. I have worked on many optical systems and can safely say Opticabase is the most easy to understand and the first I cannot fault. After using the free trial, our requirements were discussed with Michael and within 5 days, we had a tailor made system up and running in our office - with out any need for training. At last - someone has made an affordable, simplistic optical database tailored to our needs”.


Mr Nicolas Attrell Optometrist of “Eyes At Home”, Sussex is quoted saying “I recently approached Michael Prais after seeing an editorial in the Optometry Today Journal, and to anyone who gets involved with domiciliary work it is an absolute blessing. The time saved is enormous and the pre-notification facility is especially useful. I would highly recommend Opticabase Domiciliary”

(Update from Mr Nicolas Attrell) "I have used Opticabase for some 4 years now since starting my domiciliary service; it is an efficient Optician designed piece of software which does the job admirably and in many respects is better than systems costing ten times the price (those designed by software specialists who have no understanding of the day to day running of a practice). More than this however is the all important back up which can often be out of office hours, whether this be related to hardware failures or the need for a personalisation of the software. Michael can be relied upon to deliver a prompt, highly professional, caring and personal aftercare service."


Harminder of Manjot Optical. "I am very pleased with Opticabase software ,its working really well, its easy to use, and it saves a lot of time in form filling. Also I found your aftercare service really efficient in responding to any queries I had. Overall its a very efficent and an extremely useful software tool in a modern practice."


Mr Teifion Newman Bsc FBCO of Conway Opticians would like to commend 'Opticabase' and Michael Prais its designer.
"I have been using the program for 16 months or so and during that time I have found that I have more time to undertake my professional work due to the 'user friendly' nature of the program.
I have been qualified since 1968, am 63 years of age and was ignorant of the utilisation of computers until introduced to Opticabase.
The back up and support offered by Michael is first class and we have been able to 'fine tune' the program to meet my personal requirements.
Optometry has never been easier - partly due to Opticabase!!"


Helen Mcphie of Joseph's Opticians  says "Having used Opticabase for several months, I find myself thinking, on a daily basis, what did I ever do without it. Do not get me wrong, there have been one or two glitches, which I have found frustrating, but on the whole my experience using this computer software has been much easier than I expected. Michael Prais has been on hand to help and support me whenever the need has arisen. He is only a telephone call away and no matter what problems I encounter, he always come up with a solution. This has been invalueable to me during my introductory period. I would have no hesitation in recommending this software to any of my peers, as it is so easy to use and has been a great asset to the business."Mohammed Hussain MCOptom


Mohammed Hussain MCOptom: I have been using Opticabase for around 18 months now and find it very handy doing all the NHS paper work (Gos1’s, Gos 3’s, Gos 4’s, Gos 18’s) Managing the diaries, keeping stock of all frames and doing the dispensing is as easy as can be. Monitoring patient’s recall frequency as well as template letters for each individual type of patient are available making it easy to send reminders. Overall it's a breeze to use and is full of features for both the novice and the more advanced user.

In busy times it is like having an extra staff member on hand lightening the work load and making sure we run on time.


Harvinder of Due Optical Care: I am very glad I made the decision to purchase Opticabase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase practice software.
Having been developed by an Optician it has everything you can ask for to help run a practice on a day to day basis, it is straightforward and covers all aspects of patient management.
The Technical support service is always prompt and the Michael Prais is extremely helpful and approachable.


Claire Hawkins of Gray Opticians: “We have had the Opticabase system for a month & are using Reception Plus and Diary. I took a long time procrastinating before buying. Many systems that I compared it with were very expensive and seemed to have far too many functions for a small independent practice. I was concerned that Opticabase might be too straightforward but being able to try out the demonstration CD-Rom gave me confidence that it would meet my requirements.
From using the system, it is obvious that it is written by an Optical Professional. It appears to handle all of the administrative tasks in the practice in a very straightforward manner. It is not unnecessarily cumbersome or complicated and even my most computer-phobic member of staff can appreciate its benefits.
I have found Michael to be particularly patient and helpful in explaining things that I didn’t understand or sorting out technical glitches caused by the format of our previous database. I would happily recommend Opticabase to others

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